Brewer’s Fork Owners Look to Expand to Navy Yard Bistro Location

The Brewer’s Fork Restaurant owners are looking to expand in Charlestown and, hopefully, take over the Navy Yard Bistro location from long-time operator and friend, John Moore.

Owners Michael Cooney, Kari Cooney and Chef John Payne said they were excited to make their first expansion since opening Brewer’s Fork four years ago in Hayes Square.

It was particularly meaningful in that the overture came from Bistro owner John Moore, who was retiring from his place and wanted Brewer’s Fork to get the first crack.

“John came to Brewer’s Fork and said he wasn’t renewing his lease and wanted to see if we wanted to take it over,” said Michael Cooney. “He’s always been very close to us and was very helpful when we opened Brewer’s Fork. To be honest, we’re happy to expand in Charlestown. We love the crowd we have here. We get wonderful people at Brewer’s Fork, and so the opportunity to do another location and do it in Charlestown was very cool.”

The team has had abutters meetings, with neighbors excited about the idea, and are preparing to go before the License Board soon.

They plan to have an American bistro concept using fresh, seasonal ingredients and giving Chef Payne an opportunity to showcase his talents outside of the wood-fired oven at Brewer’s Fork.

They would hope to add a lunch option and a brunch eventually after opening.

The Bistro has its last day on Aug. 31, and they would hopefully move in for a complete rehab of the location – which includes some additional space from an office area and the Bank of America ATM. After a demolition starting in October, they would begin the new buildout.

“I think January or February of next year would be our goal to open,” said Payne.

One challenge will be getting a beer and wine liquor license, as Moore’s license isn’t available and they need a new one.

That can be challenging, and they are researching their options at the moment. Landing that license, however, is critical to the venture as they plan on having an extensive wine program to complement the menu.

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