Marathon Daffodils Bloom for Another Season, Documentary Premieres in Seaport

Marathon Daffodils started as a tribute to ‘Boston Strong’ by delivering thousands of daffodils throughout Boston and along the Marathon route.   

The idea was envisioned six years ago by Charlestown resident and urban horticulturist Diane Valle, to “remember those who lost their lives, acknowledge those who suffered injuries, those who rushed to their aid, and to signify the resilience and strength of the entire Boston Strong community.”   

On April 12, some 25,000 Dutch Master daffodil bulbs imported from Holland and warehoused in a massive cooler at Olson’s Greenhouses in Raynham, end their winter-long hibernation. The pots will be loaded onto trucks, while teams of volunteers gather at dozens of stores, restaurants, businesses, green spaces and doorsteps along the marathon route to receive over 5,000 pots of Marathon Daffodils to supplement the existing plantings of five years ago. 

Now a new documentary is premiering that chronicles the ‘PATH OF THE DAFF’ as it follows the journey of ONE DAFFODIL BULB from the fields and grower in Holland to its home in front of Marathon Sports Boylston Street, near the finish line.  

Along the way, the film celebrates Boston Strong with profiles of runners, survivors, volunteers and charities who continue to represent a living symbol of Hope, Spring and Rebirth, much like the Daffodils that greet the path of the runners and visitors alike, as they run and celebrate this iconic road race. 

The film was directed by National Geographic producer of “Wicked Tuna,” Michael Piscitelli, and produced by Michael Piscitelli, Matthew Piscitelli, and Clive Olson.  

Matt and Clive are partners in Olson’s Greenhouses and wanted to make this documentary as a gift to the city. 

“PATH OF THE DAFF is our way of showing the resilience and strength the marathon has played in the hearts and minds of our city.  What better symbol of life and rebirth than the daffodil,” says Matthew J. Piscitelli, whose 27,000-cubic feet facility that houses the daffodils bulbs over the winter.

“We also want to thank and acknowledge the wonderful effort by the Seaport for joining in the Daffodil and community spirit by commissioning a public art installation entitled ‘20 Knots: Daffodils for Boston,’” added Valle.

The installation will feature 20 large 20-foot tall nylon daffodils and will be on display on the Seaport Common April 8-29.  

“The energy and spirit are all around us on Marathon Monday, so come watch the remarkable runners; see the beautiful, cheerful, yellow Marathon Daffodils; enjoy our great City of Boston and celebrate this Spring tradition,” said Diane Valle. 

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