Encore, Nolan Group to Host Pre-registration for April Hiring Event

The Nolan Group will host a pre-registration day on Thursday, April 4, at their Navy Yard offices in anticipation of Encore Boston Harbor’s final large hiring event in late April.

Gregg Nolan of the Nolan Group said this exclusive event will allow Charlestown residents hiring preference in accordance with Encore’s surrounding community agreement. The pre-registration will allow Charlestown resident to put their name in for a particular job and to book an interview time – avoiding the long lines and long waits that have been common at the previous two hiring events in February and March.

“It is very important for Charlestown residents interested in jobs at Encore to come to this event so they can get a priority interview time and be able to look at jobs they are interested in pursuing,” said Nolan. “We really hope that residents will take advantage of this opportunity.”

The pre-registration event will take place on Thursday, April 4, from 10 a.m. to noon at 197 8th St. Suite 2000 (in the Navy Yard’s Flagship Wharf).

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