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I stopped by June Bug Florist the other morning while walking down Main Street. They’ve got the whole place really decorated for the Christmas holiday. You walk in the place and can almost hear Bing Crosby singing “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.” A great bunch of folks at this place, some old, some new and all very pleasant. Need flowers or plants? This is your flower shop.


The gang at June Bug stopped everything for a photo by Sal G.From left to right, Sara, Kelly, Siatia and of course Amanda.



When I was out in Austin, Texas visiting my nephew Dominic, he took me out to lunch on Congress Avenue down the street from the State Capital. We were eating at Caroline’s Restaurant when all of a sudden, there was Dermot in the flesh. I called him over to our table and he told me about Tommy MacDonald’s latest set on the streets of Charlestown. Dermot told me to keep my eyes open because “Murder in the Charlestown Streets” would be out real soon. After my nephew went back to work Dermot and I hung out together for a while. We walked down Congress Avenue and stopped by a neat little hattery and ended up buying cool scally caps. I ended up with a high back which remiinded me of my Grandpa Harrington’s hat. Dermot ended up with one that looked pretty Italian to me.

Fast forward to today, As I left the Charlestown Branch Library on Green Street, I saw the posting for Tommy’s latest book on Dermot. He will be speaking at the branch library on Monday, Jan. 14, startingat 6:30 p.m. MacDonald will be there talking about what Sparhawkhasbeen up to just as he told me back in Downtown Austin.

Tommy and Dermont are BFFs. Dermot loves taking on cases others think of like third rails. He always fights for the underdog of which Charlestown has  many.  Derm( that’s his nickname) is a Townie raised in the projects and he leaves no stone unturned like all Townies

Now it›s all coming back to me. As we left the Congress Avenue hattery shop he was telling me about being on a case right then and there and that he would be hitting the road soon. I guess he was going to Route 66 in search of the truth, which could put him in danger.

I guess I will have to hear Tommy›s talk on Dermot›s latest adventure. As usually Dermot will now go back into the wind. He won’t be at the library, I hear he’s already onto a new case to solve. Dermot is a real guy. It’s too bad I didn’t take a photo of him together. Who knows when I’ll see him again whether in Town or in Texas or who knows where.


I checked out all the balloon characters in Thompson Square preparing for Christmas. The Grinch rose above all, but was looking pretty happy so unlike him. He must be a Townie too.

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