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Recently, drove over to Charlestown through Broadway in Everett. I have been watching closely all the work getting down for the Oncore Casino. Streets are getting widened, houses and businesses getting razed. They moved the brand new McDonalds over about 35 feet to build an even newer McDonalds. However, starting at the rotary up by Route 16 Revere Beach Parkway until you get to Sullivan Square is a nightmare at times. Most of the time if you ask me.

I used to stay up on the surface at Sullivan Square but lately the traffic is so bad, I now use the underpass that the liberals are still trying to raze. Thank God I say for it…Meanwhile sooner than we want the old 1898 Charlestown Bridge will get replaced with a new modern bridge. Travel will be slowed as there will only be one lane each way. Oh, the same goes for the Alford Street too. Two bridges and lanes currently used lessened. This ha all the fixings for an absolute traffic nightmare. Anybody yet hear anything about  mitigation/ We certainly could use some to make up for all the pain and suffering.



Danny Ryan has no worries, his state rep seat is a safe one but Charlestown  Once again, Charlestown has produced another politician. I was reading the Patriot Ledger the other day while down at the Big Y in North Quincy and as I read it, I saw the story on a three-way race for state representative in the 4th Plymouth District. There’s a Democrat, an Independent and a Republican all vying to become a state rep up on Beacon Hill. The Republican’s name is Ed O’Connell now from Marshfield. Could it be the same Ed Connell from Charlestown and the answer is yes.

He and I worked in political campaigns years ago in Charlestown. Met up with him a frew Bunker Hill Day parades not long ago. Hadn’t seem him in a while. Gave he was back to watch the parade with his family here.

I still remember when he and I were both campaigning for Joe Malone that year when he successfully won the state treasurer job. I remember how much Malone was sweating in that parade. His shirt looked like a facecloth. I  guess Charlestown was too hot for him. Funny, if you pace yourself well, no matter the temp, you shirt never turns into a facecloth. Oh, by the way Malone has endorsed him for his race this year.



Don’t forget to register for the Best Buddies Frienship Walk which will take place on November 3 down at the Schrafft’s Center. Go to



Jack Kelly is the author of “Sharp Needle: A Memoir” which is a story of his struggle with heroin addiction and recovery. He will share his life’s story  down at the Charlestown Branch Library on Monday, October 22 at 630 pm. His is a story of hope, perseverance and transformation.



I am not necessarily opposed to tall building so I am not a foe of this proposed height limit over by the highway . However what I can’t stand are all these new Manhattan-like glass high-end towers that are popping up everywhere. All Charlestown has to do is look over across Sullivan Square down to Assembly Row where there’s a new Manhattan Island sprouting up, same is true at the Seaport, the Ink Block and don’t forget Jeffries Point over on the East Boston Waterfront.

What really bothers me is the need on City Hall to continue to grow Boston’s population and hoping the infrastructure keeps up with this booming grow. What is this great need to build, build build? Boston is a small city area wise, probably around 37,38 square miles.

When I was born, Boston’s population was about 800,000 and falling. Now it seems we have a Mayoral Administration that appear to believe that big is better. Is it?

I am concerned that all this high-end high-rise building boom will only push struggling working middle class families out of the city and leaving it to both extremes of the very rich and very poor.

The Hood Park proposal sounds okay. No one wants  low-level density either.



Dear volunteers and supporters,

Thank you for your incredible generosity in time and money. We need both to keep this mission going, and you give both. At the last distribution, on September 24, we emptied the shelves of 9,500 pounds of food. We fill the shelves because of you, and we are able to restock the shelves because of you. Your charity is going to those most in need, families that face food insecurity as part of their daily lives. I am grateful to each of you for making this happen.

Volunteer Appreciation Party

Last Thursday, Tommy MacDonald held a Volunteer Appreciation Day at the food pantry to let folks know that they are doing a super job of keeping this food pantry alive and well

Second Distribution

Monday, 10/29, 4PM — Set-up

Tuesday, 10/30, 7PM — Distribution

With gratitude,

Tom MacDonald

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