BPDA Approves Text Amendment for Height at Hood Park, on to Zoning Commission

The Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) on Oct. 11 approved the text amendment that would allow building heights of up to 275 feet in the back part of Hood Park, with the measure now going to the Zoning Commission on Nov. 7 for final approvals.

The approval came at the Oct. 11 Board meeting of the BPDA, and though many in the Town have opposed such heights at public meetings, the matter was approved rather easily at the Board meeting.

Nothing, however, will be enacted until the Zoning Commission hears the matter on Nov. 7 at 9 a.m. in City Hall. The text amendment would allow such heights in the back side of Hood Park, and also at other properties nearby including Casella Waste, Costa Fruit and Boston Sand & Gravel – among others back there.

Prior to that Zoning Commission hearing, the BPDA has called for a public meeting on the Hood Master Plan for Weds., Oct. 24 at 6 p.m. in the Mishawum Park Community Room.

The comment period for the project closes on Nov. 28.

Hood Park and Trademark Partners have been very up front in meeting with the community and letting it know of the desire to build taller buildings. In the filed revised master plan, one tower on the back, northern side of the site went up to 295 feet. Most of the other buildings were above the 175’ foot threshold that currently exists, but below the 275 foot range.

The Impact Advisory Group (IAG) for the new Master Plan review has recently been set by the Project Manager and includes:

  • Noreen Manning
  • Joanne Massaro
  • Kevin Kelly
  • Paul Myers
  • Peter White
  • Paul Sullivan
  • Andrew Criscione
  • Michael Albert
  • Danny Lane
  • Ann Dunphy
  • Stephanie Ward-McIsaac
  • Brian Callahan
  • James Lister
  • Elaine Donovan
  • Michael Parker

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