CPS Historic House Tour to Kick Off on Saturday, Sept 22

The Charlestown Preservation Society (CPS) will premiere another fantastic version of its Historic Home Tour next Saturday, Sept. 22.

CPS President Ellen Kitzis said they have seven buildings on the tour within walking distance of one another – each with a very unique perspective on the traditional home. Not to mention the fact that all six have extraordinary roof decks that share amazing views.

“It’s going to be sensational this year,” she said. “I don’t know how we manage to get amazing homes each year, but we do. Some twenty years ago, many were looking for houses with interiors that were historic and true to the nature. Now, so many people do updates and now you are seeing a real balance between the historic nature and new interior materials. Interior renovations have always been done since these homes were built.”

She said they have homes on Pleasant, Cordis, Warren, Main, Wallace Court and Monument Avenue. This year, instead of being so spread out, the homes are all in the historic district and the tour is very walkable, though a bus shuttle will be provided.

Another home on Pleasant Street has been fully gutted, she said, and was actually listed in 2014 as a “buyer beware” property.

“It had been left in horrible disrepair,” she said. “The owner has gone in and used many metals and plastics and materials. The house maintains an open airy feel it probably never had. The staircase is something you would see in a boatyard as opposed to a home. It’s magnificent.”

The House Tour will take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sept. 22.

There will be a lemonade cocktail reception afterward at the Memorial Hall on Green Street – an historic property that has undergone tremendous restoration in the last few years in a partnership between the Abraham Lincoln Post and the CPS.

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