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Recently was talking with Tommy MacDonald down at the Harvest on Vine food pantry and noticed a table full of student backparks loaded with school supplies for returning students beinning a new school year.

He told me the backpacks came from Jenny’s Pizza and last week, I caught up with Tommy, Cookie Giordano and Joey and his daughter Charlotte Lacey down at the pantry. The Lacey family has been giving out backpacks to kids now some 11 years. About four years ago Charlotte started getting more involved in this giving back to the community project.

Charlotte helps gather all the items and stuffing each backpack.  Another example of good works being intergeneration. Charlotte is now 11 years old and started a food drive at Advent School in her fifth-grade class and all goods collected go to Harvest on Vine.

Charlestown too often gets lots of press but much too often not that good.nThis is a great story because it is such a good story of helping others in your community who may be struggling at times. We have become a nation of strangers and that hasn’t been that good for us.

Charlestown has always been a great community when it comes to helping one another in times of need. Folks actually care about their neighbor. At times some are a bit rough around the edges but their hearts are always in the right place.

Tommy MacDonald, Joey Lacey and so many others are the heart and soul of this Town. Each generation seems to produce these kinds of folks. Charlestown Pride is still alive and well in the way we help one another.

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