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Dear Editor:

I was aghast to learn the news about the Charlestown post office not having its lease renewed (Patriot-Bridge article, Aug. 16, 2018).  As a 20-plus year resident here in Charlestown (the Navy Yard), I have so appreciated the post office’s location in the Bunker Hill Mall as opposed to its former location in Thompson Square.  I was really annoyed by Ms. Issie Shait’s quote regarding alternative package drop offs at UPS and FedEx. It is NOT the same. There are some people who still prefer to do business with the U.S. postal service. Clearly, she does not understand this community.  I would suspect the decision to not re-lease the space was based on something other than a survey of the community’s needs for the convenience of parking and the efficiency of doing all one’s errands at one stop. Life is busy enough and there is tremendous traffic congestion in our town…now things will become even more complicated by driving to another location and searching for parking to go to the post office!

Michele D. Urbancic

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