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Dear Editor:

Well, we were all back at the Knights last week for the latest Rutherford Avenue/ Sullivan Square Public Information Meeting run by the Boston Transportation Department. I got a chance to talk with James Gillooly, the department’s deputy commissioner, and I said we’ve been coming here so much, we are all BFFs by now. We both laughed over that.

I sat next to John Dillon, and we both kept looking at each other as things were getting explained. There was lots of talk about big trees versus little trees, wide sidewalks versus skinny sidewalks, questions from the floor wanting to know heights limits on new buildings and wondering how Maffa Way could be turned into a two-way. There was talk of a new public road inside Hood Park connecting Rutherford Avenue with Cambridge Street.

Lots of different agencies put in their 2 cents worth. There are still a few Charlestown folks who want the tunnel filled in. Not going to happen they were told. Thank God we are by that issue.

Al I know when the meeting ended was that the bicyclists must be very happy with things but motorists not so and still wanting to know how we can get from Point A to Point B in our vehicles. Of course, almost no mention of the Wynn Casino over the Alford Bridge. God forbid we talk about that elephant in the room.

As the meeting ended, I looked at John Dillon and said see you at the next meeting and hopefully maybe they can set up a wine tasting table for this one, too.

Sal Giarratani

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