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When a piece of paper shows the mayor with a candidate and the phrase “I’m with Stephen” shows up in someone’s mailbox or steps, the conclusion would be that was an endorsement being made. However, Mayor Walsh says no such thing when it comes to that phrase apparently in either Mandarin, Cantonese or Spanish. Sounding like Humpty-Dumpty, the mayor seemingly is saying words are what I mean they are. You know, forget poor Humpty, think George Orwell.

These fliers should not have been approved or distributed in any language. The Boston Globe in writing about this phraseology  of the word ‘support’ but nothing  got lost in the translation.

This campaign has been pretty clean. Both candidates are getting their messages out and in the end it will all come down to good, old Politic 101, which is get out your vote and win.

When talking politics, no mortal sins have been committed but this  latest flier does look like a tiny, weeny venial sin to me.



The annual Veterans Day Breakfast sponsored by the Lions Club of Charlestown will be held Sunday, November 12 starting at 9am until noon. Get your sausages and eggs with coffee and OJ ( no not the guy just out of prison) for just a measly five bucks down at the Knights.




This seemed like big news in this corner. Jack Kelly has endorsed Lydia Edwards in the District 2 council race. Both sides in this race has great people working for them but I have always liked Kelly and originally was pushing him to run. I still think he has a political future and Edwards needs regular guys like him helping her in these here parts.




Democrats in town on the Ward 2 Democratic Committee recently met at Blackmoor Kitchen to endorse Mayor Walsh for re-election and all four incumbent City Councilors at large. No endorsement in the District 2 race between Stephen Passacantilli and Lydia Edwards, a clear sign this race in Charlestown is pretty close.




I first met up with Father Mahoney when I was 20 years old living at home with my parents on Pearl Street. He had only been up at St. Francis de Sales for a few years at that time. Over the decades he and I have become good friends. Neither of us is that young anymore but both of us keep plugging away. He has become an institution in Charlestown and a legend for the Boston Fire Department. I was so glad top see that the Knights here celebrating their 125th anniversary have named the Hall after him.


He makes everyone in Charlestown proud of being from this community. He stands at the top of Bunker Hill Street the living expression of the Church itself.


Congrats to Father Mahoney a true friend of Charlestown!

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