Townie Tidbits

By Sal Giarratani


On Sunday, July 23 the much-anticipated return to the water for the USS Constitution will have arrived . Hard to believe that those two years in dry dock went by so seemingly fast., huh?  The ship ain’t looking too bad at all for 220 years old.



Why in the world would Tito Jackson  put himself in the middle of a house issue in District 1 on Soley Street? He  is the District 7 city councilor representing among places Lower Roxbury where I grew up. He doesn’t have enough problems of his own? Last I heard, his district had had hard crime and violence needing some City Hall attention and leadership.

Could it be that he is a candidate for mayor looking for issues to hang his hat on? District 1 has a fine councilor in Sal LaMattina. Did Tito really blindside LaMattina with interjecting himself into a parochial Charlestown issue?

Personally I like Tito but I do think he isn’t a great politician and needs to bone up on his Politics 101 stuff. How would he like it if LaMattina started talking about why is there so much violence in District 7 and offering his own solutions?

I am disappointed in Tito’s campaign thus far. Bashing the mayor may get you headlines but what does it actually really do for Boston or its residents?

I still like him but I expected so much better.

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