Townie Tidbits

By Sal Giarratani


Thank you for your hard work and your generous donations. The spring fundraiser was a huge success, raising roughly $25,000 to buy food for the neediest families in our community. And the distributions went without a hitch, thanks to your efforts.



Who would have thought that the Bunker Hill Associates when formed 32 years ago would ever be anything but a men›s club but that has all changed. Today, the Associates are headed by President Carolyn Wrenn and Vice President Kim Mahoney. By the way, Kim makes a mean Irish coffee down at the Warren Tavern. This year this civic group appears ready to surpass $400,000 given by to non-profits since Day 1 for this great outfit.

As a retired police officer myself , I was glad to hear that this year›s breakfast will be a tribute to first responders and will also honor a longtime good pal of mine the late Marty O›Brien Sr. who was once president of this group and a retired Boston firefighter.

There›s something new this year, Grand Marshal Bobby Beckwith has started a Marshal›s Block Party at the Bunker Hill Mall on Saturday, June 10 in the afternoon. Then, there›s the old, the Annual Bunker Hill Day Parade which kicks off in Hayes Square at 1230pm on Sunday, June 11.

Let›s pray for plenty of sun and warm weather too.



Michael ‘Smoky’ Cain, Charlestown favorite DJ was sighted over in Eastie on Byron Street at the Salesians  Boys & Girls Club. Michael kept the crowd on their feet as they munched down some breakfast before the talking began. I loved the photo I took showing him sitting at his music table with the word ‘Great’ on the wall behind him. He certainly is a great music DJ guy.


There›s a good race for city councilor in District 1. The candidates are Margaret Farmer, Lydia Edwards , both from East Boston , and Steve Passacantilli from the North End. Sadly there is no one from Charlestown running this year. I remember when Stephen’s dad Danny Passacantilli ran for state rep against Sal DiMasi in the North End back in 1978. Danny didn’t win but he did have the longest name in politics in a long, long time. 13 letters. I joked back then that voters needed two cars to put on one bumpersticker. He did split his name   Passa and Cantilli in different colors.

Danny still looks good at 70 years old still with all that white hair of his. Some Italians have good genes when it comes to hair.

Speaking of Stephen , he will be holding a Charlestown Campaign Kick-Off on Tuesday, June 13 at the Warren Tavern starting at 6pm. Seniors are invited complimentary which means his dad and I can go for free if we wish. Nice benefits when you get old, huh?

Hi, by the way, if you see me there, you can bet I will be drinking my Irish coffee, of course made by barkeep Kim Mahoney.



This 1963 Studebaker Avanti was the car that was supposed to save the Studebaker Motor Company. Too expensive and too late. Company bellied up by 1966. Nice try. Great looking car too.


photo by Sal Giarratani



FOR June 15 issue


Another great car was the Rambler. This model was from 1959. American Motors another car company that bellied up like Studebaker.

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