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 Isn›t the above the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Families gathering together for what they have and who they love. It is truly the sharing of life with others In Charlestown, a number of years ago, Townies came together to help the needy have a real Thanksgiving to remember and ,thus,  the Harvest on Vine was formed as a food pantry for townfolk going through rough times.

   We all hope that someday the need for food pantries would disappear but that day has yet to arrive. There are so many great people working at Harvest on Vine starting with Tommy MacDonald but so many more others whose help is needed to make everything come together.

Recently, on Sunday, November 6, Harvest on Vine held a greatly attended fundraiser at the Navy Yard Bistro. Food pantries have no real alternative, especially at this time of the year being in constant fundraising mode.

I helped out on a recent Monday, riding over to the Greater Boston Food Bank next to the Southeast Expressway in Dorchester with Tommy and we both loaded up his pickup with boxes of frozen turkeys for the Thanksgiving distribution of these birds.

As we left this massive warehouse of precious food for those in need, we remembered the old city incinerator that once stood on its present site. Who doesn’t remember those three huge smoke stacks drivers always passed headed to and from the South Shore?

Ironic, where once  garbage bags filled of food waste were burned into dust, now sits a warehouse filled with food to be distributed to the poor.

This year, Harvest on Vine will be giving away free turkeys to over 750 families from Charlestown. It still isn›t too late to help by donating to one family›s meal by getting a  $40 check over to the pantry. Also, if you are available to hep, Harvest on Vine could always  use some volunteers to help distribute on Friday the 18th beginning at 200 pm.

Also, Christmas is coming sooner than you think. The holiday has already arrived in stores like CVS Pharmacy and many others. I will keep you updated on Townie Santa as soon as I get information on another great tradition of helping others in need as a community together.


Once again it is time for the Boys & Girls Club in Charlestown to put on its 14th annual New  England ;Patriots Game Day Tailgate Style Fundraiser vs. the San Francisco 49ers at the offices of RSM at 80 City Square.

For more information,  contact Peter Nash at the Charlestown Club at 617.242.1775 or email [email protected].


 I was saddened to hear the news that Peter Looney›s widow Mary Looney recently passed away. She and Peter were friends of mine for years, sometimes it seems millions of years ago. Mae and Peter were a great Townie team. I offer my condolences to the entire Looney family on her passing. However, she is now up in Townie Heaven with Peter for eternity.

 A great way to remember her would be as the family suggested that you donate in Mae›s name to C.H.A.D., P.O. Box 290035, Charlestown, MA 02129.


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