Townie Sports

By Kevin Kelly


Pitcher Jason Smith used the lethal combo of a dancing knuckle-ball and lights-out fastball to notch a no-hitter as the “Townies” vaporized Arlington to the tune of 18-0 in Babe Ruth action on July 24. Offensive standouts for Charlestown (3-5) included Oscar Jahn (2 hits, run 3 RBIs), Pat Evers (2 hits, 2 runs, RBI), Eddie Pistorino (double, run, 2 RBIs), Colin Delvalle (triple, 3 runs, 2 RBIs), James Hollien (hit, walk, 3 runs, 2 RBIs), Ryan McGonagle (2 hits, 2 runs), Gavin Kelly (2 walks, 2 runs), Aidan Fittz (3 walks, run, RBI), Jared Burhoe (hit, walk, RBI), Owen Sullivan (2 hits, 2 runs, RBI) and Smith (hit, walk, run, RBI). Defensively, first baseman Burhoe tallied 7 putouts while Fittz, Hollien and McGonagle made some nifty infield assists.



There are moments which offer an opportunity for reflection; to look around and appreciate your circumstances. For me, last night, July 20, at the “Neck” was one of those moments. As a spectacular red sun set in the early innings of our hotly-contested Babe Ruth game against first-place Winchester, a gorgeous full moon soon shone above the ballpark lights. An ever-increasing “Townie” fan base exhorted Charlestown’s youngsters in what ended up as a heart-wrenching 4-3 defeat. Controversial umpiring and a palpable Charlestown “walk-off” win notwithstanding, it was very special to witness the effort of the players and the sportsmanship of all in attendance.

At the conclusion of the game, impromptu fireworks near the Little League field captured our attention. While not exactly the caliber of “4th of July on the Charles,” it was nonetheless “pretty cool.” As it turned out, scores of the late Ryan Morrissey’s friends had gathered by the water to celebrate “Duce’s” birthday. The fireworks display and show of remembrance by this much-maligned generation was done with extraordinary dignity and grace.

I am so proud to be a “Townie.”

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