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   Hey, I›m penning this piece on Patriots Day. What a beautiful day to watch the Boston Marathon, the Boston Red Sox and for taking a stroll along Main Street in Charlestown near Thompson Square.

   Once again, Bunker Hill Florist has the best window/sidewalk floral display. Stop take a look and feel so much better. Especially on such  a warm and sunny day.

A flowery view along Main Street


 Back on St. Patrick›s Day in Southie just before the start of this year›s parade, I bumped into Jimmy Collins who introduced me to his lovely future daughter-in-law Olivia Liff. Soon she will be Mrs. Nick Collins. Nicky is a very lucky guy, isn›t he?

Former state Rep. Jimmy Collins, D-Charlestown and Olivia Liff


 Right now, 35 years ago, I along with a goodly number of Townie residents were occupying the Winthrop Street Firehouse preventing the City of Boston from coming and taking the Engine 50 apparatus away. City Hall thought they could just close and de-activate things but Charlestown had other ideas.

On April 10, 1981 the Honeybees stormed the place and with the support of others who dubbed themselves the Peoples’ Firehouse #2 Committee held fort until the city relented and reopened the house and re-activated Engine 50 on May 8, 1981.

This month-long siege is now part of Charlestown’s history and is right up there with the Battle of Bunker Hill if you ask those who were involved. We could have just accepted the City’s decision but we didn›t. We stood up for the public safety of our neighborhood. People, not politics, ruled the day.

Latest news, the City of Boston will soon be revamping the firehouse. The City  knows this firehouse is here to stay. Remember, Charlestown Strong and Charlestown forever!

Winthrop Street Firehouse re-opened on May 8, 1981 to the cheers of the Peoples’ Firehouse crowd

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