Letter to the Editor

My farewell to Charlestown Recovery House.

Dear Editor:

In July 2008 Bay Cove Human Services celebrated the opening of the Charlestown Recovery House, located at 15 Bunker Hill Street. This was their first half way house to open and a first for the Charlestown Community.

 It was a wonderful opportunity for me to return to my native home and participate in the development of this wonderful program.  When I started in August of 2008, it was important for the Recovery House to be part of the community that is accepted and recognized for the hard work that is done here.  I would say this has happened.

 The program was embraced and supported by the Charlestown Community, providing fundraisers and various donations throughout the years.  St Catherine’s /St Mary’s parishioners have been extremely generous to the clients and their children through all the holiday seasons.  Local 25 has donated winter clothing, the YMCA the Library. Many families donated in memory of loved ones. Many catered events sending extra food to our residents, clothing books, toiletries, home baked cakes and brownies from mothers. All this was so warmly and greatly appreciated and we thank you all so very much.

One wish was, for all alumni to return and share their success stories. Many return on a weekly basis, monthly or annually, there are others who will never return….Sadly this is a fatal disease.  However it is also a disease of recovery and restored lives.

Clients come into to share their recovery, announcing anniversaries of one, three, five years clean and sober, new jobs, promotions, cars, babies, marriages, etc. But the greatest gift in witnessing all these successes is watching how their Spirits have come alive and the enthusiasm they have for living their lives. So wishes do come true!!

 On July 1, 2015 The Gavin Foundation purchased the property and has continued to operate the program.

As I move forward with my future endeavors my wishes continue to remain the same for all who enter the Charlestown Recovery House

Hope is a good thing, may be the best of things.  And no good thing ever dies.

My hope is for the continued success of the Charlestown Recovery House

Susan Smith

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