Police Briefs 02-25-2016


POLICE/COMMUNITY MEETING: Meet the police & discuss public safety issues on the last Wednesday of every month at the police station, 20 Vine Street, at 6:00 p.m., 2nd floor, community room.

POLICE RELATED INFO: Contact the District A-1 Community Service Office at 617-343-4627.

REPORT DRUG DEALING: Contact the District A-1 Confidential Drug Line at 617-343-4879.

CHARLESTOWN POLICE STATION: Contact at 617-343-4888.

RESERVE THE COMMUNITY ROOM: Contact Christine Vraibel at [email protected].

Shots Fired

02/17/16 – Officers responded to a radio call for shots fired on Walford Way, where they observed several bullet holes in a window and ballistic evidence at the scene. No injuries were reported at this time. Ballistic evidence was recovered, and detectives are investigating.


02/21/16 – As a result of a radio call for a man causing a disturbance on Decatur Street, an individual was placed under arrest for trespassing.

Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon

02/21/16 – Officers responded to Main Street for a report of a fight, and as a result of the subsequent investigation, two individuals were placed under arrest for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.


02/19/16 – As a result of a drug investigation in the area of McNulty Court, two individuals were placed under arrest for possession of a Class B substance.

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