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    Once again we have come up to the Christmas season and the arrival of yet another New Years. Looking back one year ago, The last 12 months have had their share of ups and downs. Nice things happened like the news my daughter will be getting married in the late spring to a nice guy from a nice family. I also lost friends which happens a lot once you start getting older. I also lost a great cousin a few months ago. She wasn’t just a relative, she was a great friend too. I will miss her smile and plan to stay in touch with her family because in the end, all we really have is our family. Everyone  else comes and goes like ships in the night but our family is a constant reminder of who we are and how we all fit into the big picture of life.

   I had to laugh with all the Star Wars hype out there. I remember standing in a very long line at a movie theatre on Cambridge Street in what is left of the old West End to see the very first Stars Wars, that was some 37 years ago. OUCH!

   You won’t see me talking politics as we close out the year too much. This is a time of reflection of our lives. It is kind of like a tune up at the mechanic’s or a check up at the doctor’s. We take a break and just reflect on the direction our life took and fine tune our inner being’s GPS to the road yet taken. I think of Christmas and the birth of Christ, I think of childhood memories of Santa Claus and I also think of the poet Robert Frost and those two roads in front of us. Which will we take and will we really choose the right one for ourselves.

    I expect to continue to both laugh and cry some more. Some things rarely change. I do hope that laughing with be even more often becausae without a good sense of humor, how much worse things could be.

   I also think of others at this time of the year who are less fortunate than most of us and I try to help them. We are only here on this Earth for a short time in the scope of eternity.

   Resolutions are made at this time of year. Lots of them. Most get quickly broken. My resolution is to become a better human being. To become kinder and more helpful to each other. And to appriciate love and share it with others.

  Enjoy this period of rest and reflection. We all need it to get reaqsdy for the road that awakes us ahead.

Sal Giarratani can be reached at [email protected].

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