CNC Holds Election for Seven Precinct Seats

The Charlestown Neighborhood Council Precinct election of its seven precinct seats was held on Saturday, November 14, 2015 at the Area 15-A Police Station in Hayes Square.

The following candidates elected from each precinct are as follows:

Precinct 1:   Judy Brennan,  28 Washington Street

Precinct 2:   Dave Whelan,   23 Ferrin Street

Precinct 3:   William Galvin,  49 Monument Square

Precinct 4:    Karson Tager,  260 Medford Street

Precinct 5:    Richard McCarthy,  249 Bunker Hill Street

Precinct 6:    Tera B. Lally,  1 Wall Street

Precinct 7:    Lisa M. Collins,  415 Bunker Hill Street

It was a well attended election and a very close race for precinct 4 with Karson Tager winning over Laura Dzioray by only a few votes.

These candidates will be seated as councilors for the next 2 years at the January 5, 2015 Neighborhood Council meeting.

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