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Thank you for scholarship

Dear Editor

I would like to thank the Mark and Michelle Gorman Scholarship Fund Committee for selecting me as a 2015 scholarship recipient. Having been my first time participating in the tournament it was amazing to see this community come together for such a great cause honoring Mark, Michelle and Frankie. I also would like to extend my thanks to the Scholarship Committee whose hard work and dedication each year help provide to the youth of Charlestown

EmmaKate Hamilton

Thank you for awarding me the Morrissey Scholarship

Dear Editor:

 I would like to thank The Morrissey family Cis, Steve, Michaela, and Craig for honoring me with this award.  I also want to thank the Scholarship committee members for their commitment to Charlestown and for selecting me for this very generous scholarship. I imagine there were many quality applicants you had to choose from and the task must have been very difficult.

I am humbled and honored to have been selected for the First Annual Ryan “Duce” Morrissey Scholarship and will put it towards my education at Castleton University in Castleton, Vermont where I am studying Sports Science and playing Football.

Ryan and I had known each other since we were little kids. Attending the Warren Prescott, playing on several sports teams and staying close friends through high school. We should have been able to continue our relationship well into our adult years. The reality of this not happening is unfair for all of us that loved Ryan. I know that the violence of his murder will always have an effect on me. I have vowed that it is not Ryan’s death that will define who I am and how I live my life but it is Ryan’s life that will inspire me to do great things.

My best friend “Duce” will be a part of me forever. When I think of him I smile and laugh. I still and probably always will have moments of extreme sadness and anger but I will not let his death rob me of the future that Ryan would want me to have. I will keep his memory in the forefront of my everyday life and with this I will be a better son, brother, grandson, friend and athlete.

Thank you for this amazing award and Thank You ALL for supporting the Morrissey family. We ALL need to vow to keep Ryan in our hearts and to continue to live life with the vigor and joy he did. We all owe him this.

Noel Charbonnier

Thank you for scholarship

 Thank you for choosing me as one of the recipients for the Charlestown Schoolgirl’s Association Scholarship and the Klessens’ Memorial Scholarship.  It is an honor to be chosen out of so many deserving applicants. This scholarship will help with the costs of my education at Plymouth State University where I am pursuing a degree in elementary education.  My goal is to teach in the Boston public school systems upon graduation.   Again thank you for your generous donation it is greatly appreciated.   I hope someday I am able to make a donation to this great association to help the local college students reach their goals.

Meaghan Doherty

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