Letter to the Editor

Getting it Right for Greater Boston

Dear Editor:

As a resident of Charlestown, the proposed Wynn casino impacts on our environment, health and traffic have been a major concern for many of us in this community. But it’s really not just about Charlestown, it’s about the impacts on all the communities surrounding the greater Boston area.

I was refreshing to read that  Transit Secretary, Ms. Stephanie Pollack, is agreeing “to coordinate a regional approach to plans for future development”, in or near Sullivan Square.

One needs to only look around at all the building projects in this area as well as those in the pipeline.

In Chelsea, new high rise buildings, are in the process of being built just off the Tobin Bridge. At Assembly Sq., in addition to the new Partners complex,housing,hotel and offices comprising over 1million sq. feet are being proposed on 9 acres.

Kendall Sq. is in the process of adding new buildings in the bio-tech area. And to the old Anthony’s Pier 4 site, a 9 story condo and 13 story office building is being proposed.

North Station  which has new high rises currently being built, a plan for  239 apartment units as well as a hotel complex is another proposal to the area.

Here in Charlestown, there are a number of projects, the Graphics Building on Rutherford Ave.,and the Rope Walk and Chain Forge in the Navy Yard are on the drawing board as new developments.

Unfortunately for our area in regard to the Wynn project, an independent traffic study has not done. The Supplemental Final Environmental Impact Report was done by Wynn consultants and doesn’t adequately address the problem Sullivan Square,as well as the surrounding traffic corridors.

This project will significantly impact Boston’s economic vitality and the quality of life for its residents as well as those who travel in and out of Boston for work, school, hospital visits or pleasure.

The greater Boston area is not the Las Vegas strip. This is a dense, heavily populated and historical community. A casino does not belong here.

My question for Mr. Wynn is, “If we can’t get in and out of Boston due to current traffic conditions, can you please help me understand how your patrons and employees will access and egress from your facility in a timely fashion”?

Getting  it right for Greater Boston is the right road to take.

Ann Kelleher


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