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No this isn’t my celebration time but I can say I celebrated well last Friday night at the Knights.

The Annual DiDomenico Foundation St. Patrick’s Day party, sponsored by Senator Sal DiDomenico, was well attended as usual. As usual there were five Sals there. The senator, his father, his young son, City Councilor Sal LaMattina and of course, me. Next year, I am going to try and break the Guinness Book of Records by finding a sixth Sal for this party.

There was plenty of good fun taking place in the hall. If you loved corned beef and cabbage, you were tripping over it, if you love Irish music or step dancing, plenty there too. Don’t forget the bagpipes and of course the yukking up by our own Tony V. Apparently, he either walked down from Monument Square or gave up his lawn chair space saver.

The place was full of politicians mostly wearing green and talking up the blarney  at the head table. They even announced a special dIspensation on the no meat rule on Lenten Fridays. I didn’t see Father Mahoney there so I hope it was true, huh?

I can remember growing up, my mother was not a fan of corned beef but she did love cabbage. She always said thank God you only had to eat it once a year. Oh, she also loved plenty of potatoes and her brother, my Uncle Jim loved potatoes  as he owned F.J. Ward Product over at the old Potato Sheds.

 I was walking around the hall all night long wearing a green Irish derby hat just like Bat Masterson on MeTV. All the monies raised at the party went to the DiDomenico Foundation which fund education scholarships for high school graduates as well as youth activities within Sal’s Senate District.

One sad note, just like last year, Florence Johnson was among trhe missing a second year. It is hard to believe that the second anniversary of her death just passed. Gone but never forgotten.

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