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The Winter of 2015 was going along so well until the late evening of January 26 when the first blizzard hit us with something like over 26 inches. Since then, it has been one long continuous blizzard. I can now say the Blizzard of ’78 has met its match. At least that year we got a reprieve. It didn’t keep on snowing and piling up like the Alps or Rockies.

Lately, especially in neighborhoods with few driveways like Charlestown or East Boston to name just two, most of us are living life as if we were cavemen. We keep building these little curbside igloos for our vehicles and then use beach chairs to save them for our return home. It is a time honored system that seems to work most of the time but as the snow keeps falling some of us get pretty ugly. Over in the South End, it was reported a car owner who parked in a space he didn’t dig found his car with three flat tires. Rather stupid on his part and on the person who did the flattening. How fast does a car with three flat tires move out of what was perceived the other guy’s spot?

By the way, I stopped by CVS pharmacy area and found a rack of inspiration books for sale. One of them was “When did I get this old?” Boy, did I want to read this little gem. Bad enough the snow without talking about quickly aging too. Why not just point in the direction of the Tobin Bridge for the old folks.

Listen, I am not here joking about depression or suicide. After working over 40 years for the state Department of Mental Health, I saw first hand the pain many folks live with everyday of their lives.

Winter is difficult for many especially when it hits us like this year. Hope springs eternal but sometimes spring seems an eternity away. If you are not one of the lucky ones who go to Florida every winter at least you can develop a good sense of humor. Spring is around the corner only hidden by the snow. Eventually, we will look back and laugh at what we endured while many of our friends were getting a suntan in some warmer climate.

 I stopped by the Post Office last week on Ash Wednesday and met some ladies I knew wearing ashes on their foreheads they got from Father Dan Mahoney up at St. Francis de Sales noting the beginning of Lent.  They were smiling because what else can we do. At least we know that Easter ends Lent.

  I don’t need to read an inspirational little book from the drugstore. When I left the post office I found Joe Donovan outside on the bench feeding ducks who made a wrong turn and found themselves at the Bunker Hill Mall where Joe was waiting with his bag of popcorn. He was happy and also the birds having lunch with him

  Who needs the Tobin Bridge when you see life going on like this?

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