Maura Healey Back on Campaign: Trail for Attorney General Position

CT1Charlestown’s Maura Healey was back on the campaign trail in Charlestown last week after the political newcomer won big last week over polished politician Warren Tolman. Healey’s victory last Tuesday during the Democratic Primary for Attorney General had energized her base here in Charlestown where Healey crushed Tolman.

In Charlestown, Healey received 2,087 votes to Tolman’s 938 votes.  Citywide Healey picked up 29,904 votes or 55 percent while Tolman received 24,169 votes or 45 percent.

Statewide Healey ended the night with 60 percent to Tolman’s 40 percent. Healey will face Republican John Miller in November.

In the end, despite a huge political backing for Tolman, Healey’s experience in the Attorney General’s office, landmark legal battles and record as a prosecutor resonated with voters here in Charlestown and across the state.

Healey supporters greeted their candidate at the Warren Tavern last Friday. Dozens of supporters awaited Healey’s arrival and held signs and cheered when she showed up.

“We are in Charlestown and for me Charlestown represents what the Democratic Party and its values are all about,” said Healey outside the Warren Tavern. “Charlestown is strong. Charlestown is a community. Charlestown is a place where people look out for one another and make sure those that are the most vulnerable among us get the help they need and deserve. I am so proud to be from Charlestown and I will be working hard from now until November 4 to make sure the Democrats take the ballot from top to bottom.”

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