Congratulations, Dan

The legendary former Speaker of the U.S. House, Thomas “Tip” O’Neil, was famous  for the political maxim, “All politics is local.”

Dan Ryan’s convincing win on Tuesday proved the truth of Tip’s famous aphorism.

Dan is a lifelong resident of Charlestown and  has never forgotten his roots. Whether it be in his capacity as Congressman Michael Capuano’s aide or working a second job at the Warren Tavern, Dan is always ready to help in any way he can.

Dan has performed countless hours of volunteer work to make Charlestown a better community for the families who live here and who participate in the local programs that are the result of the hard work over the years by community-spirited individuals such as Dan Ryan.

We believe that Dan’s victory in the recent special primary election is a testament to his character, as noted in the letter to the editor below, and by the voters of Charlestown, who turned out in the bitter cold in large numbers to help elect Dan.

We congratulate Dan on his win, as well as fellow candidates Chris Remmes and Roy Avellaneda, who waged spirited campaigns.

With the April election only a formality, we know that Dan will be the type of State Representative who not only is needed, but also of whom Charlestown can be proud of.

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