CNC Awards 25 Non-profit Organizations a Total of $100,000 in Mitigation Money

Over two dozen Charlestown non-profit organizations will share in a new round of Central Artery mitigation money.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) approved last week the distribution of $100,000 from the Charlestown mitigation fund. The fund was established to address the social impacts of development occurring on Central Artery North Area (CANA) parcels. The CANA parcels were created during the reconstruction of the Central Artery, and developers of these parcels were required to donate $925,000 to the mitigation fund. The Charlestown Neighborhood Council Mitigation Committee conducts an annual public process for nonprofits that serve the Charlestown community to apply for this funding. The nonprofits submit an application and make a presentation regarding their programs and the proposed use of the fund. The Charlestown Neighborhood Council then makes recommendations to the BRA requesting disbursements from the fund. This $100,000 will be the twelfth authorization for disbursement from the fund, and will be distributed as follows:

Organization                        Grant Amount

1 Charlestown Girls’ Softball $4,276

2 Charlestown Lacrosse and Learning Center$6,106

3 Charlestown Little League $5,598

4 Charlestown Soccer $4,116

5 Charlestown Youth Football & Cheerleading$4,402

6 Charlestown Youth Hockey  $6,474

7 Skating to Success $4,620

8 Boys’ and Girls’ Club $5,645

9 Town Track Club $1,755

10 Charlestown Against Drugs (CHAD) $3,328

11 Charlestown Mothers’ Association $3,376

12 Charlestown Neighborhood Brigade $829

13 Charlestown Sprouts $824

14 Abraham Lincoln Post 11 & Memorial Hall $1,386

15 Special Townies $9,102

16 Townie Association  $931

17 Battle of Bunker Hill Parade $2,628

18 Bunker Hill Monument Association $689

19 Charlestown Emergency Fund $4,747

20 Charlestown Historical Society $2,270

21 Charlestown Veterans History Project $1,998

22 Charlestown Working Theater $7,524

23 Gardens for Charlestown $2,583

24 Harvest on the Vine $6,196

25 Kennedy Center $8,597

Total  $100,000

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