Seminar on Charlestown Prison to Be Presented on April 16

Aerial view of the prison in Charlestown.

Aerial view of the prison in Charlestown.

Learn About the Charlestown Prison (1805-1955) on Tuesday April 16 at 7 p.m. in the Battle of Bunker Hill Museum. Exactly where was the prison? Why was Charlestown selected as the site? Who were the famous occupants of the prison? After the prison was closed in 1878, why was it reopened in 1884? Could prisoners make shoes, chains, buggy whips, hats, clothing, and license plates? How did people escape? When was the electric chair used?

Looking for local residents who visited or worked in the prison. What stories have you heard? Call D. Hennessey-617-974-1281 to share your living history.

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