Smarter Travel Media Supports Harvest on Vine

Smarter Travel Media of Charlestown, a travel advisory company located in the Hood Business Park, has again donated $1000 to Harvest on Vine Emergency Food Pantry. Every Thursday, Smarter Travel treats its 110 employees to a catered lunch, a perk the employees appreciate. Once a quarter, the employees give up their catered lunch and donate the money to Harvest on Vine. This generous turn was initiated by Lorrie Morton and Shannon Fitzgerald, both Charlestown residents.

“As a company we’re committed to community service,” said Lorrie Morton, Human Resources Director for Smarter Travel Media. “Trip Advisor, our parent company in Newton, started donating to the food bank, and we followed their lead.”

“We wanted to support a Charlestown charity,” said Shannon Fitzgerald, Office Coordinator, who is a week away from giving birth to her second child. “We buy our catered lunches from Charlestown restaurants, and we wanted to support a cause that impacted the Charlestown community.”

“We knew our donation would buy food for Charlestown families,” added Lorrie Morton.

Harvest on Vine Emergency Food Pantry is most grateful to Smarter Travel Media. Their generosity directly benefits the neediest families in our neighborhood. And there may be a larger lesson at play here: When a company treats its workers with kindness, the kindness trickles down.


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