Biga Breads is Still Baking, Just Not in Charlestown

After almost 20 years of operating in Charlestown, Biga Breads, the quaint neighborhood bake shop at 50 Terminal Street, has quietly cooled its oven and closed its doors.

“We were recently forced to move from Charlestown when our landlord ran into permitting trouble at the building where we were located,” said wistful owner Deana Martin. “We hated to leave the area,” she continued, “so many of our customers and employees had sort of grown around us and uprooting was very painful. However, we do consider ourselves very lucky to have found a facility to house us as the alternative would have been to close down.”

With a fleet of delivery trucks carrying its products to shops all over Massachusetts, Biga Breads runs more like a factory than a local baked goods shop. And although the new Providence, RI outpost isn’t ideal, as no new home ever is at first, it will help Biga Breads continue producing the piping hot artisanal breads the company is known for.

Before the sun rises each morning, the bakers do. They fire up the oven, knead the flour-rolled dough, and ensure that each loaf of bread and pastry is baked to perfection. Biga Breads is unique from other bakeries in that it uses no commercial yeast. Instead, their bakers use an Italian method called “biga,” which involves growing a yeast starter from fermented organic grapes and wild yeast in the air. The process is the reason Biga Breads has gained a swell of support since its 2000 opening. Even the most scrupulous palette falls prey to a Biga Breads concoction.

“Our bread is really dense, has a better flavor and better crust,” reads a tag line on the company’s website. The site also lists all of the Biga Breads offerings including  tea breads, dessert bars and cakes. From the fluffy Challah bread and pillowy Egg Onion bread to the savory Cranberry Roasted Apple and airy Focaccia, Biga Breads is a staple in every kitchen cabinet.

Despite their new location, Biga Breads is still committed to bringing fresh and delicious baked goods to Charlestown residents. Over the years, Biga Breads has become a leading supplier of confections to local restaurants and shops. Their dedication to the Charlestown community and their award-worthy breads is a recipe for greatness.

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