Police Briefs 06-14-2012


06/04/12 – As a result of a drug investigation in the area of Old Ironsides Way, two individuals will be summonsed to court charged with possession of a Class B substance.

Receiving Stolen Property

06/05/12 – At about 1a.m., officers in the area of Lowney Way observed a white male dragging two 10-speed bikes chained together. As a result of the subsequent investigation, the male was placed under arrest and charged with receiving stolen property.

Disorderly Person/Vandalism

06/08/12 – At about midnight, officers responded to Walford Way for a report of vandalism in progress. Upon arrival, officers were met by a very irate, intoxicated woman who had been banging on apartment windows. The suspect refused to leave the area and, at one point, shattered one of the panes of glass on the window. At that time, she was taken into custody.

Larceny – Over $200

06/08/12 – A victim reported that at about 10 a.m., two white males drove to the rear of the Bunker Hill Industrial Park and removed industrial equipment valued at $1,500. The suspects then fled the area, but incident was captured by video surveillance. Detectives are investigating.

Assault and Battery

06/08/12 – A victim on Main Street reported that as a result of an argument regarding an ATM machine, a customer punched him in the face. Officers located the suspect on Union Street. A complaint will be sought in Charlestown District Court for assault and battery.

Drinking in Public

06/10/12 – Officers in the area of Walford Way placed an individual under arrest for drinking from an open container in public.

Drinking in Public 

06/10/12 – Officers in the area of Eden Street placed two individuals under arrest for drinking in public

Larceny – Over $200

06/10/12 – A victim on Brighton Street reported that at 11 p.m., he parked and chained his yellow-and-black scooter. When he returned a few hours later, the scooter was gone. The scooter was a 2010 Shenke model #ZN50.

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