Raid on Charlestown House Nets Narcotics, Cash and Surprises

Six people were arrested in a Charlestown 2-family located on 87 Cambridge Street by the Somerville line outside of the central neighborhood nexus last Thursday, police reported.

By the Somerville line and just to the south and west of Sullivan Station, Charlestown spreads almost to the Holiday Inn and on the hill on the west side of Cambridge Street.

Another small part of Charlestown in this area is located north of the entrance road to Route 93.

Some longtime residents refer to the area as “Fake Charlestown.”

The arrests of suspects living in the house or who were there visiting or partying were apparently tied to drug use and prostitution. Police also reported confiscating erotic items and a flier that indicated the location was being advertised as an after-hours spot.

Police noted that they found drugs, sex gear, digital scales, spoons, syringes, cell phones and plastic bags.

Additionally, police found a self-advertising type flier reading: “Come party with us. $5 at the door.”

Neighbors complaining in the formerly industrial district – now a mix of residential and commercial office space and lofts – led to a SWAT team raid in the early morning but not before police had obtained a search warrant.

Police indicated they seized cash and drug paraphernalia and narcotics.

Police, in their report, detailed observing several sexually themed instruments and costumes. In addition, police said several people were found on the premises in various states of undress.

Also, police said three of the men arrested are employees of the Centerfolds strip club in Chinatown.

The raid brought into action detectives from the police department’s Human Trafficking Unit. They are apparently investigating the possibility of the sexual exploitation of women and whether or not it was happening in the Cambridge Street residence.

Arrested at the scene during the raid were: Hendricks Berdet, 25; James Imbert, 25, Marcus Smith, 19; Luis Viaud, 22, all of Boston and two women, Cortney Bergstom, 25, of Woburn and Toni Hanton, 18 of Boston. Both women had outstanding warrants, according to police.

The entire group of suspects was arraigned in Charlestown District Court Friday.

Bail was set for all of them and all of them either posted bail or were released on personal recognizance.

Five of the six were warned to stay away from the Cambridge Street premises where they were arrested.

One of them, Sade Horsely was not ordered to do so because she lives at the address that was raided.

ADA Peter Pasciucco arraigned all six defendants.

Judge Kenneth Fiandaca presided.

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