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Kristin and her family enjoying the outdoors

Susan Lynch, who has been running Charlestown Yoga for the past six years, decided to devote all of her time to her non-profit organization Then & Back Again, with teacher Kristin Quinn to take over. 

Any longtime Charlestown resident will tell you that the area has changed quite a bit over the years. Businesses have grown to meet the growing needs of customers, and locals have welcomed new owners who have set up shop. The sense of community abundant in Charlestown is the reason why Susan Lynch settled into Charlestown Yoga, where she was the owner until last week.

“In 2005, I took ownership of Charlestown Yoga after returning from a deployment,” Lynch wrote in a letter sent to students of the Main Street yoga studio. “Prior to this time, I searched for a place to belong and develop a connected community of like-minded people.  I feel that the studio has become that and so much more for me and many others students who are dedicated to their practice, seeking a deeper understanding of yoga, and support of our military community in healing through the benefits of yoga.  This journey has been a true awakening to the power of community through the practice of yoga.”

Lynch, who founded There & Back Again, a nonprofit organization that delivers wellness reintegration program for combat veterans, decided to focus solely on the organization, meeting the demand of returning troops in need of services. But first, she had to decide who could best continue the success that Charlestown Yoga has held for the past six years. That person was Kristin Quinn, a former student and trainer at the studio.

“It was really important to me to find a new owner who shared the same philosophy and commitment to our yoga community as I do… I feel confident that the studio will flourish under Kristin’s ownership,” Lynch wrote.

“When I moved here, I showed up one day and met Sue,” Quinn said. “’I loved the area, loved the people, and loved the studio. And when Sue was thinking to sell, she meditated on it and said my face kept popping up.” And Quinn is glad it. The mother of her 10-month-old daughter Paigely has a constant flow of energy, as well as ideas.

“I want to make it a space for moms, and moms with kids because that’s near and dear to my heart,” said Quinn, who also mentioned hot yoga classes and hip-hop style yoga classes.

“Once you have kids you constantly think about how to make the world a better place for your kid. Yoga definitely makes this world a better place. I already loved the community and the people so it seemed like a good fit. There’s just nothing like Charlestown anywhere you go,” said Quinn, who was just starting to reintroduce herself to yoga after her pregnancy when Lynch approached her with the proposal.

“There are still a lot of details to work out but I’m excited,” said Quinn. “I’m still getting my feet wet, but I want to start implementing new classes in the next month. I’m also considering selling more merchandise, and doing events outside.”

Quinn’s excitement for the new endeavor is matched by Charlestown Yoga’s network. “The teachers here are so great. I’ve already received so much love and support. People who do yoga totally just get it. I think they’re very open to change. I think everybody will be very happy,” she said.

But Lynch won’t be out of sight, or out of mind. She will continue to be part of the Charlestown Yoga community as a teacher on Wednesday nights, and will be the director of the teacher-training program.  Charlestown Yoga will also continue to be the home of There & Back Again, offering complimentary classes for combat veterans.

After doing yoga, Quinn said she feels as if her soul’s been cleansed. And with all of the progressive moves she has in store, students will definitely feel a shift in their shakras.

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