Cuts to ‘T’ Service a Possibility: Any Changes Not to Take Effect Until 2013

Charlestown residents are worried that the MBTA’s effort to clean up its operating deficit could have a profound effect on bus service in Charlestown.

The MBTA announced last week that it was considering major changes in bus routes throughout Suffolk County, and this would include Charlestown. In fact, the MBTA is considering eliminating bus routes and altering service schedules in order to save money.

But at what expense, Charlestown public transit users want to know?

First, the MBTA is apparently considering ending ferry service at the Charlestown Navy Yard.

The ferry service is used for riders to get downtown from the Navy Yard – and so there is concern inside the Navy Yard, and among those from Charlestown itself who use the ferry to get to work.

Elimination of the ferry would represent a step backward, according to officials for the Charlestown Mothers Association which has written a letter to Richard Davey, the CEO of the T to ask that plans to eliminate or to alter ferry service from the Navy Yard be reconsidered.

Also a cause for concern locally are T plans to eliminate or to alter the 92 bus route here.

This being the Main Street bus route is an essential link to traveling Charlestown for all public transportation users.

Eliminating the 92 bus route would leave only the 93 bus route which does not cater to Main Street users.

For its part, the T says that public meetings will be held to determine the scope of public interest for all present routes and alterations to them.

The T is facing a $161 million deficit and is looking to raise fares and to cut down on service in order to break even.

Reducing services reduces T labor costs and expenses.

The T is planning similar moves throughout the communities it serves in Greater Boston.

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