Police Briefs 08-11-2011

08/02/2011 – Drug Possession

Members of the District A-1 Drug Control Unit arrested a suspect on Chelsea Street on a drug offense. After a motor vehicle stop and further investigation, the suspect was arrested and charged with drug possession.

08/02/2011 – Disorderly

While at the Charlestown Mall on Austin Street an officer encountered the suspect. He was shouting and acting in an obnoxious manner. The officer asked the suspect to calm down several times. He refused to do so. A crowd of approx. 25 people had gathered. The suspect placed under arrest and transported to the district for booking.

08/04/2011 – Sick Assist

Officers responded to Old Ironside Way on a report of an unconscious male. Upon arrival the officers observed the victim being treated by EMS for an apparent drug overdose. The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment.

08/04/2011 – Drugs

Two suspects were arrested on Old Ironside Way on a drug offense. The security officer observered the two suspects sniffing a powdery substance through a folded bill.

08/05/2011 – Drugs

Two suspects were arrested on main street on a drug offense by members of the District A-1 Drug Control Unit.

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