Spotlight on Peter Looney

As most people around here already know, Peter Looney, will shortly be honored with the naming of a playground after him in this neighborhood, which has been his life.

The plaque will be unveiled Saturday at ceremonies where the Union Street Playground will officially be named Peter Looney Park. The neighborhood’s newest and best open space is located next to the Emmons Horrigan O’Neill Memorial Rink on Union Street.

The park dedication is scheduled for 10 a.m.

This is an event that will attract a who’s who of Charlestown people from all walks of life.

Townies and Toonies, people working here and people just passing through have all come to know of the great work Peter Looney has done for this neighborhood during his life.

Looney, after all, is a man for all seasons – the literal Mr. Charlestown –  who is at once everything to everyone needing something in Charlestown.

His voice, above all others in local political, social and business circles, is the one most sought after.

He is a centrist, always trying to please competing constituencies and never seeking to exclude anyone.

He is the type of person who has always changed with the times.

As Charlestown changed, he changed with it.

This is how he maintained relevancy all these years and this is why he is being honored.

At 69, he remains a thoroughly modern man concerned mostly with others and always putting their needs before his own.

Mayor Thomas Menino will be leading the dignitaries who will join with Peter Looney in unveiling the plaque given in his honor Saturday morning.

This is an event that Charlestown residents should attend.

Honoring a local voice, above all, is what honor is all about, even in the modern world.

In the case of Peter Looney, it is an event honoring one of the best-liked, kindest and hardest working local residents.

For Peter Looney, there is his family and there are the people, the families and the children of Charlestown and frankly, there isn’t much else.

See you there.


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