Charlestown HS Air Force JROTC

On Tuesday Charlestown HS Air Force JROTC hosted a contingent of five RAF cadets visiting from England. The day began with the visitors joining Major Chaisson, the ROTC commander,to experience an American classroom. It was a fun activity where all the students learned about ROTC, school, and culture in England and both sides got to laugh at funny accents and marching techniques. Our cadets then took the visitors to enjoy an American school lunch in the cafeteria which the guests said compaired forarably to school lunch in England. After lunch, the cadets walked together to the Bunker Hill Monument where all fullfilled the fitness requirement by climbing the 294 steps to the top. The next stop was the USS Constitution and Museum where much was learned about Boston’s ties to the long history between England and America. It was a great day of learning and making new friends. Charlestown’s cadets are already talking about a trip to England in the Spring.

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