High School March Madness

BOYS BASKETBALL: Hats off to Charlestown (18-2, ranked #4) who are primed to make a run at the State title and have gone about their basketball business with style and determination…East Boston (11-3) served notice that they have returned to form and are also a tourney favorite with an impressive win over Charlestown…Boston Latin (10-10) has clinched a spot and St. Clements (8-8), who won seven of their last ten games, is on the verge of qualifying for the State tourney as well.

GIRLS BASKETBALL:  Charlestown (6-6) just refuses to give up the ship and a late season surge may propel them into the tourney.

BOYS HOCKEY: Is this the year Malden Catholic (15-1-2, ranked #1) captures the Super 8 crown?  Either way, it has been a magical season for the players and fans…Boston Latin (13-1-3) has quietly put together an amazing season and can no longer be considered an underdog…Latin Academy (10-7-0) is a classic example that hard work does, in fact, get rewarded…What tourney hopeful St. Clements (7-8-2) may lack in talent, they more than compensate for in grit, hustle and effort.

GIRLS HOCKEY: Though suffering some heartbreaking regular-season losses, Arlington Catholic (7-8-3) is more than capable of holding their own should they get in the tourney.

Leading “Townie” hockey scorers

G   A     PTS

Brendan Collier, Malden Catholic   21   30       51

Conal Lynch, Boston Latin            28   16        44

Tom DeRosa, Tufts University      11   21        32

Michael Settipani, Hebron Academy     9   18        27

John Humphrey, New Hampton      12   13        25

Kevin Flanagan, St. Clement         15    9      24

Alyssa Sullivan, Arlington Catholic 12    10       22

Aaron Titcomb, Brewster Academy    10    10       20

Alexa Hingston, St. Anslem               6    10         16

Ryan DeRosa, Latin Academy              6     8          14

Sean Wrenn, St. Clement                       3     11        14

Matthew Grzelcyk, USA (Under-17)   1     13        14

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