Weather Forecasting and News Reporting a Bust

Let’s face it, the big double storm didn’t happen and the weather forecasters didn’t get it right.

Instead of the snow Armageddon that was supposed to cripple the region, there was a bit of a storm Tuesday and then mostly rain and sleet Wednesday.

The weather forecasters didn’t bother apologizing.

They remain the only professional group of employees anywhere paid enormous sums of money for getting the forecast wrong.

Still, it would be encouraging if they said they were sorry and we got it wrong. After all, that’s what the rest of us have to do if we’ve made a gaffe at work.

Then there were the television idiots.

We prefer Storm Force 7 – you know – the folks showing us what kind of snow it is, measuring the snow for us, climbing atop snow piles to show us the piles and all that drivel.

Wednesday morning the Storm Force 7 nitwits were trying to show us a storm that never materialized.

They told us the plows are plowing. The trucks are sanding. The snow has stopped. It isn’t falling. Now it is sleeting.

One of the Storm Force Major Generals out on the battlefield told the television viewing audience that the sleet was making a sound like a ping.

That was a very nice touch – and she repeated that five or six times – before many of us got fed up and shut the television off to figure out what we were going to do with the kids for the day.

Some of us have a longing for the old days when everything is called off before the storm has happened.

Some things about what was done in the old days makes more sense than what we do in today’s world.

When you step in a puddle of slush and you feel the cold water on your toes inside your boots or shoes, you’ll know what we mean.

After all, the puddles of slush were supposed to be monster piles of snow.

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