Watching The Town, Again

We had a chance to watch over the holidays, once again, Benn Affleck’s masterpiece, The Town.

Having already seen The Fight, some comparisons can be made.

The Town excels where The fight sometimes leaves us flat – that is – Affleck is better as an actor than Mark Wahlberg.

Mind you, he doesn’t have a better Massachusetts accent than Mark Wahlberg but as an all around director-actor, Affleck outdoes Wahlberg in The Town.

Aficionados of violence in Charlestown will all agree – Wahlberg could beat Affleck into the ground with one hand tied behind his back but he’d have to catch him first.

The Fight was good.

The Town was much, much better.

The intensity doesn’t compare.

The photography is night and day.

The violence and real-time drama portrayed in The Town is ions ahead of what was portrayed in The Fight.

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