Charlestown Youth Soccer

Boys Under-10

Division 3C

Charlestown 3, Malden 3 — In a highly entertaining affair of never-ending momentum swings, Charlestown (1-0-1) utilized a second-half scoring burst to salvage a tie. Although outshooting Malden in the first half by an 11-4 margin (18-11 for the game), the “Townies” found themselves trailing by a 2-1 score. Midfielder Matthew Coviello (4 shots) and forwards John Guadian (goal, 3 shots), Daniel Sigmund (assist, 3 shots) and Aidan Shea (goal, 5 shots) consistently dribbled downfield for quality forays but were unable to put the ball past the capable Malden goalie. Trailing 2-0, Guadian finally found the back of the net in the waning moments of the half with a “Johnny on the spot” quick-kick to give Charlestown a spark. The momentum carried over when the “Townies” belted home two scores early in the second half to take a 3-2 lead. Sigmund fed a nice pass in front to striker Ryan Messer, (goal, 3 shots) who wasted no time launching a laser beam just inside the right post, and Shea deposited one of his patented “bull-in-a-china-shop” rushes to give Charlestown the lead. The momentum swung back in Malden’s favor, however, as they pressured Coviello (who relieved teammate Jeremy Shea in goal for the second half and made 6 sensational saves) with a relentless barrage before finally knotting the score at 3-3 late in the game. Before the final whistle blew, both teams produced a plethora of incredible scoring chances in a last ditch frenzy to win the game.


Division 4D

By Carl Jahn

Hanscom 4, Charlestown 1 — The “Townies” played host to perennial powerhouse Hanscom and for the second week in row the game was closer than belied by the score. It was a day of breakaways for both teams with Hanscom notching three goals in this fashion while only Colin Delvalle was able to convert for Charlestown (0-2-0). Aaron Wadman, John Desimone and Dominic Kennedy-Slesar also each had quality chances but came up empty-handed on their rushes at the Hanscom goalies.  Anthony Sachek and Daniel Bryan made their debut in goal and both made several courageous saves as well as booming clearing kicks and breakout passes to teammates. Oscar Eldh Jahn and Aeden McLaughlin made great individual stops at fullback but the young squad’s team defense had difficulty with the Hanscom forwards which led to the breakaway scores.

Girls Under-12

Division 3C

By Karen Gentis

Charlestown 3, Medford 0 — The “Townie” girls (1-1-0), who are quickly adapting to the larger playing field and goal, notched their first win of the young season in convincing fashion behind the combined shutout net-minding of Charisse Flanagan, Haley McLaughlin, Miceala Sindoris and Aisling Newhall, who all shared goaltending duties. In addition, Flanagan (goal), McLaughlin (goal) and midfielder Jackie Gentis (goal, assist) displayed a sensational dribbling attack, constantly finding open players with field awareness and pin-point passing. Team leader Julia Jacoby boomed some lethal corner kicks and strategically positioned her teammates both offensively and defensively while Newhall, McLaughlin, Sindoris and Kaley Kyle put the clamps on any attempted Medford breakouts. On defense, Chloe Shea continued her solid play, rookie Anna Devore made her presence felt and Ella Moyes and Kailey Kennedy-Slesar made some nifty transition moves for scoring chances.


Girls Under 10 (2)

By Shayne O’Brien

Charlestown 5, Medford 6 – – The GU 10-2 team showed tenacity and heart in a well-fought loss to Medford in their second game of the season.  The team, comprised of 7 and 8-year-old girls, have quickly learned the importance of working together and putting forth incredible effort, both of which they solidly demonstrated throughout the entire game. Claire Lakus gave an exceptional performance, scoring 3 goals. Katie Evans and Lucie King also contributed to the score with one goal apiece. Alta Godfrey was tenacious in net for the first half, followed by the great efforts of Maggie Gilhooley and Quinlan O’Brien. The defensive power of Juliette Lowery, and the forward attack of Jolie Doherty and Clara Reed allowed our team to show tremendous progress. This season is the team’s first season of competitive soccer, and each athlete has been asked to try all positions with the intention of understanding the true dynamics of the sport. They have been able to accomplish quite a bit in the first two games of the season, showing that with hustle, dedication, and perseverance that their potential for success is amazing.


Buys Under 12 (2)

Charlestown 1, Medford 3 — The boys played well and showed off their passing skills.  Owen Locke, new to the team this year, with help in the second half from Jack Evans, kept Malden at 3 goals with some really great saves.  Charlestown played well with many near-misses at goal.

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