Police Briefs 09-17-2015

Larceny – Bike – Attempt

09/07/15 – A victim on Eighth Street reported that a white male had gained access to the parking garage and attempted to steal a bike. The suspect was interrupted by security, but still able to flee the area.

A surveillance video of the incident was turned over to Area A-1 detectives.

Burglary – Residential

09/07/15 – A victim of Monument Street reported at about 8 p.m., she heard her bedroom door open.

The victim, who knew her roommates weren’t home, began looking around the apartment, and saw that the other bedrooms appeared to have been ransacked. She also observed an open window with an upside-down bucket below it.

Detectives are investigating.

Larceny – Bike

09/09/15 – A victim reported he chained his red Shimano mountain bike to a rack on Cambridge Street, but when he returned, it was gone.

Indecent Exposure

09/13/15 – As a result of a radio call to Eighth Street for a report of a man exposing himself, officers learned a drunk male was urinating in public. The suspect was located and taken into custody.

Burglary – Attempt

09/13/15 – A victim on Concord Street reported at about 9 p.m., she heard her front door open. Thinking it was just the wind, she went to close it and saw a black male standing in her home. The suspect stated he was looking for a place to eat. The suspect then left the home, but was located by officers a short time later and taken into custody.


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