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Wynn Casino in Everett –  more clarification     

Dear Editor:

In last week’s Patriot Bridge (9/3/2015) a press release entitled “Casino project to kickoff cleanup efforts” contains some misleading information that needs to be clarified.  As the title correctly states, Wynn has begun cleanup efforts, which are different from pre-construction efforts.  There are still several permits and sign-offs required before construction can begin. And in actuality, cleanup efforts cannot even begin until Wynn has met with the Charlestown and Everett communities to go over trucking routes and plans with Wynn’s contractor.  We expect to schedule the meeting here in Charlestown for some time in late September/early October.

I also want to clarify Wynn Everett President Bob DeSalvio’s statement referring to the vote last November.  With all due respect to Mr. DeSalvio, voters in Massachusetts did NOT overwhelming support a Wynn Resort in Everett.  They voted to keep the gaming law by 60% (to 40% against changing the law).   However, adopting his perspective, I would remind him, although I would hope he doesn’t need reminding, that voters here in Charlestown truly did overwhelmingly vote AGAINST the Wynn Resort in Everett by a 70-30% vote!

Lynne Levesque

Thank you “Old Schoolgirls”

Dear Editor:

On behalf of our daughters Kacie and Kiersten, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Charlestown Schoolgirls Association.  Kacie (a senior Biology major at Westfield St. University) was selected for the Florence Johnson Scholarship and Kiersten (a junior Pyschology major at Westfield St. University) was awarded the Mary Ellen Howell Scholarship. To be the recipient of such generosity from those whom we hold in such high regard is truly special.  Again, thanks so much to the Johnson and Howell families, as well as the Charlestown Schoolgirls committee members and other families who donate scholarships which help “Townie” daughters pursue their educational goals.  GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Kevin and Ann Marie Kelly

Thank you Gorman family

Dear Editor

I would like to thank the Gorman family for selecting me as the 2015 winner of the Michelle and Mark Gorman Scholarship.  Your financial support means so much and will greatly help me reach my dream of obtaining a college degree and becoming a guidance counselor.  The work the scholarship committee does is amazing and just keeps getting bigger and better every year.  Thanks so much.

Kiersten Kelly

Taylor is way off the mark

Dear Editor:

Once again, Barren Cord Taylor spews forth her politically correct liberal agenda with her attempt to demonize and smear Donald Trump in the Editorial section of The Charlestown Patriot-Leger.  (9/10/2015)

Elitist Taylor is in a state of shock and disbelief at the mass appeal and popularity of Donald Trump.  She has joined the smear merchants of the Boston Globe, the NY Times and the liberal mainstream news media who are engaged in a vicious smear campaign to destroy Donald Trump.

In her pathetic attempt to smear Donald Trump she had to resort to quoting a little 9-year girl in order to poke fun at Donald Trump.  Embarrassing.

The American people are fed up with the politically correct policies and career politicians of both parties.  They welcome the fierce independence, common sense and strength of straight talking Donald Trump with his message of  “Make America Great Again”.

Donald Trump is the Winston Churchill of our times.

Richard Burke

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