Accused of Poisoning Dogs, Ken Hyland Sitting in Jail

An Everett man believed to have been attempting to poison local dogs is sitting behind bars inside the Nashua Street Jail unable to raise the $5000 bail after he was arraigned in Charlestown District Court before Judge Robert McKenna last week.

Kenneth Hyland, 53, was arrested after apparently spreading hot dog bits soaked in anti-freeze on the lawn he was caring for in front of a 550 Medford Street building in Charlestown.

The building is the headquarters for the bricklayers and allied craftsmen union.

In court, Hyland  was charged with poisoning animals and attempted animal killing – a crime punishable by a fine and a year in jail.

A Charlestown dog owner told the court he saw Hyland holding a five-gallon bucket of anti-freeze with hot dog bits soaking in anti-freeze, according to police.

Police said that after Hyland manicured the lawn he began spreading the cut up hot dogs around the lawn he had just completed.

Hyland admitted to Prosecutor Peter Pasciucco that he had in fact tried to poison dogs with the anti-freeze soaked bits of hot dog.

He was apparently upset that he would trim the grass and then dogs would come along and defecate on the grass with owners failing to pick up the dog mess.

Hyland pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Two pending open cases in Woburn and Lynn were revoked at the same time he was arraigned. Hyland was required by the court to stay away from Charlestown and any witnesses in the case being developed against him.

Michelle Fournier, the well known owner of Durty Harry’s at 287 Main Street said her customers remain incredulous about the charges aimed at Hyland.

“Everything I have heard from my customers indicates this is the number 1 pet story and topic of discussion among local pet owners,” she said. “Pet owners in Charlestown are horrified. They are grateful the culprit has been caught but everyone is worried that his attempts to poison dogs here wil be matched by a copy cat poisoner – which is a real threat,” she added.

She said the thought of a man poisoning animals rendered her and her customers speechless.

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