Looking at the Past ; the Archaeology of Charlestown: Boston’s Little Pompeii-October 16

Some of the pottery that was found.

In celebration of Massachusetts Archaeology Month, Boston City Archaeologist, Joe Bagley, presents an illustrated talk on thousands of years of the human history discovered through professional archaeological excavations in Charlestown.

The presentation will focus on the sites discovered at the Bunker Hill Monument, and Bunker Hill Community College, and the Central Artery Project. Several Native American sites, a Native American village, John Winthrop’s 1629 Great House, and numerous important structures burned in the Battle of Bunker Hill will all be discussed. Joe brings an expert knowledge of the entire human history of Boston to the City Archaeology Program based on a decade of archaeological fieldwork on Native American and Historic archaeological sites.

Mr. Bagley will reveal the artifacts discovered in Charlestown that were left by the American Indians, British, the Patriots and all the original Townies. He will present his findings on Tuesday October 16, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the Bunker Hill Museum. Charlestown Historical Society and The Friends of City Square Park and the City of Boston are sponsoring this event.

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