Neighbors rush to help woman who lost her dog

The cannon on the USS Constitution fired at noon on Monday – as it does pretty much every day.

The blast echoed through the Navy Yard, but it also became an unwelcome sound for Sue Morse’s dog – who took off running as fast as she could and got away from Morse.

She pursued the pup, and quickly others in the area began to gather in hopes of helping her out.

“My dog ran so fast away from me that I quickly lost sight of her,” said Morse in an email to the paper. “Helpful pedestrians on Constitution Road, Chelsea Street, at the intersection on Warren Street by Tatte, and a couple who opened their apartment window on Main Street to call down to me, all pointed me in the direction they had seen my dog flee.”

As the dog weaved through the streets of the neighborhood, Morse was close behind – and unbeknownst to her – so were many neighbors who had randomly and suddenly taken up the cause.

Morse continued the search and was approaching her home, when suddenly, there was her dog on the front stairs of her home. The dog was seemingly waiting there for her to arrive. It was a tremendous relief, Morse said.

Then she looked behind her and realized she wasn’t alone. A group of neighbors and people who had seen her frantically searching had joined the journey and were also looking for the dog – aiding a complete stranger.

“When I looked up from hugging my dog on our doorstep, I saw the most heartwarming sight: the group of folks who had been running behind me, assisting with the search unbeknownst to me,” she said. “My deepest gratitude to everyone who was involved in this happy ending.”

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