State Rep. Dan Ryan, Flatley to Host Spring Fling in April

State Rep. Dan Ryan announced this week that instead of having the Senior St. Patrick’s Luncheon this year ahead of the big green day, they will instead have a Spring Fling event in April.

Ryan and the Flatley Companies had brought the luncheon back a few years ago after it had been combined with the St. Patrick’s Day Roast many years ago. However, this year Ryan said with so many events on St. Patrick’s, they felt a spring event was a better idea.

“We are happy to announce that we will be hosting a springtime elderly event again this year; albeit, with a little twist,” he said. “We were happy to bring the St. Patrick’s Day Senior Luncheon back after a long hiatus. However, logistically, I felt it made more sense to have a similar celebration a couple of weeks later. This was done so as not to compete with other events in the town and across the city…and less snow. We hope this will allow for maximum participation. With 200 proud Charlestown residents in attendance, any day will feel like St. Patrick’s Day.”

An exact date, has yet to be confirmed. However, it will be a weekday within the first two weeks of April. Please look forward to future issues of the Patriot-Bridge for precise details. Any questions feel free to call Rep. Ryan’s office at (617) 722-2060.

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