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On the Council race

Dear Editor:

The departure of Councilor Sal LaMattina leaves an open city council seat and an opportunity for a new voice in City Hall for the first time in almost ten years. Although there isn’t a candidate native to Charlestown, I’ve found a bold and independent voice for Charlestown in Lydia Edwards.

Throughout her career, Lydia’s established herself as an innovative leader with the capability and range to tackle complex issues facing our neighborhoods. Her accomplishments include revamping the City’s response to fire victims to assure displaced families are put in housing within 48 hours and creating a Evening Clinic every Thursday that expands City Hall hours to assure that working families in housing crisis are able to access services.

The Boston Globe awarded her Bostonian of the Year in 2015 and again as a 2017 “Game Changer” for her recent work as Deputy Director of the Office of Housing Stability. As a public interest attorney, she was the driving force in passing statewide legislation protecting women workers in just one session; a feat almost never realized by most legislators.

She’s proven her representation delivers a tireless commitment to producing results and protection against special interests. I am confident Charlestown would have the same representation with Lydia as our advocate in City Hall.

Most importantly, Lydia understands the importance of accessibility and transparency as city councilor. She will inform the community of who is the room when decisions are made and be sure that Charlestown residents will always have a seat at the table.

Lydia is the only candidate committed to putting our community, families and best interests first and I hope you’ll join me in voting for her in the September 26 primary.

Amy Branger


Thank you

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank the Charlestown Mothers Association for the generous scholarship that was awarded to me this year.  It will be a big help to me in pursuing my degree at Wake Forest University.  I am very appreciative of the organization’s generosity.

Nuala Conway-Pearson



Challenge the status quo and change the course

Dear Editor:

After attending a candidate’s forum for City Council District 1, a few months ago at Spaulding Hospital, I came away with a positive feeling that the 3 candidates were articulate and knowledgeable. Regarding the issues here in Charlestown, all spoke of public safety, good education in the schools, housing opportunities, and many other concerns relevant to our community.

As the campaign for Boston City Council marches along, I feel Lydia Edwards is the only one who has an independent voice and can make a greater impact for the residents, businesses and organizations here in Charlestown.

Lydia is independent. She has no political ties, doesn’t align herself with other special interests and enters the race with a clean slate. She has integrity and a clear purpose and focus on the issues which matter to each of us in the Charlestown community.

For years many of us here in Charlestown, we have been grappling  with the traffic and over-zealous development we are experiencing. Letters, emails and meetings have resulted in zero acknowledgment from our officials that we do indeed have a major traffic issue with only 3 avenues to enter and exit our community. This results in an unsafe situation for all.

We CANNOT continue with the status quo as it is. Lydia will “challenge the status quo and change the course.” Lydia is a listener, learner and will be a strong leader.

As Madame Curie, a Polish-French Chemist Pioneer once said, “I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done.”

Consider a vote for change focused on the real and present needs we are facing here in the Charlestown community.

Please show your support and vote for a candidate who will make a difference and do her job for each one of us.

Please vote for Lydia Edwards on September 26th.

Thank you,

Ann Kelleher

 42 Eighth Street

Charlestown, MA.


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