Bunker Hillbillies to Appear at Old Sullys on February 11

By Kevin Kelly

Though not official, “Old Sullys” will be closing it’s doors permanently before the end of winter. With this in mind, former members of the Bunker Hillbillies will make one last appearance at “Old Sullys” on Saturday night, February 11. Steve “Dead Eye” Coyne, Jim “Prairie Fire” Honohan, “Jesse” James Sullivan, Kevin “Alfalfa” Kelly, Jim “Sundown” Whealan, Sean “Rawhide” Whealan, Frank “Kicker” Kelly, Mike “Frontier” Raver, Bob “Too Tall” Clougherty, Bruce “Trigger” Pulliam, Billy “Wild” Morris and others are sure to have the place rockin’ and a rollin’.

For older “Townies” familiar with the Bunker Hillbillies storied past, you are in for a special treat. For those who are not aware of the Bunker Hillbilly legacy, it is a wonderful opportunity to experience the passion and camaraderie learned under the guidance of founder Bob Mundstedt. Why not partake in the foot-stomping and hand-clapping that is “part-and-parcel” of a Bunker Hillbilly performance and give “Old Sullys” a right-proper sendoff.

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