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About a month ago Joe Zuffante called me to help spread the word that the Abraham Lincoln, Post 11, GAR up at Memorial Hall on Green Street in Charlestown would once again hold its annual Veterans Appreciation Dinner over at the Knights on Medford Street. The first dinner was held at Memorial Hall but the dinner has outgrown that venue.

  Once again, they  came to gather together and celebrate Charlestown’s spirit of service to Country. Going back to the Revolutionary War and the Battle of Bunker Hill and onward to today, Townies have served their country in both war and peacetime.

    This year’s special guest was Ben Carson who lives in Charlestown. His son Glenn was among the four Americans who were attacked and killed at Benghazi during a terrorist attack on September 11, 2012. Glenn Doherty’s photo was prominently displayed at the dinner. Charlestown remembers Glenn Doherty for his valor and sacrifice and the sacrifices of all who sacrifice their all including too often their lives.

  Ben Doherty was truly appreciative of  the honor everyone at the dinner showed his son, who is an American hero.

Next year, they will return to the Knights to gather and remember the importance of patriotism and service to America.

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